£150 from Sustaining Dunbar to cover our entry fee into 2014 Beautiful Scotland.

Asda bag pack – May 2011

What a great success our Asda bag pack turned out to be on Saturday. Many thanks to Rodney Thomas and his wife ; Brenda Cunningham ; Jacquie Bell ; Laura Cunningham ; Martine McCluskie ; Paul Mclennan ; Ruth Frost ; Ross Combe; Peter Wilson; Patrick and his supporter from ELCAP; Lily Barnes and Kirsty Gibson who joined me – we managed to raise £645.96 towards our funds. And especial thanks to Asda who agreed to let us use their store – the staff were very helpful and supportive.

We are now looking for ideas about what to do next – do you have suggestions about areas of the town that we could do with a face lift? Could we help you and your neighbours to brighten up a patch of ground near whwere you live?

Just leave us some feedback here on the website and we will see what we can do.

£3000 funding for Dunbar in Bloom

We now have a large part of the money we need to ensure a colourful display of plants throughout the year on Dunbar High Street and harbour.

Some of this money needs to be spent on things like insurance and publicity but the lions shre will be spent on new planters, compost and plants. We have set up a steering group who are working hard to get things in place but we really need your help either to do some of the behind the scene tasks or to get your hands dirty helping with planting weeding and watering – no offer of help is too small so please leave a comment in the box below and someone from the steering group will get in touch.