Dunbar in Bloom

In February this year Dunbar in Bloom was formally set up by a small group of local volunteers keen to see improvements in the town.  A committee was  formed which enabled us to successfuly apply for community grant funding.   We have lots of ideas and suggestions about areas of the town that need to be brightened up but rely heavily on local volunteers giving up some of their spare time to help.

Our priority this year was to improve the appearance of the High Street and surrounding area and we arranged for the large planters to be put back on the High Street and surrounding area with help from the local Traders Association and East Lothian Council.

We looked into the possibility of putting up hanging baskets – we have about 50 of them kindly on loan from the Traders Association. However, due to the height of the lamposts which are designed specifically to hang them, the baskets need to be watered by machine.   This watering would have cost in excess of £1,500 for a season and we did not have enough money to pay for this.   We hope to raise more money next year so that hopefully we can have hanging baskets on the High Street.  Help is needed from the community to raise money and collection cans have been placed in several shops in the town.

In the longer term we are keen to find groups of volunteers to manage areas of wasteland or grassy areas close to their home; to plant bulbs and wild flowers in areas that would benefit from a splash of colour and tidying up.

Dunbar in Bloom is a very friendly sociable group and more volunteers are urgently needed to make it an ongoing success.    If you can spare even an hour of your time now and again to help with planting, gardening advice, weeding, digging, watering, delivering leaflets, publicity, or even helping with refreshments on planting days, you will be made very welcome.  If you would like to find out more please complete the form on the “contact us” page or call Mary Young, Chairperson on 01368 864606.

This is early days and we will be having more public meetings in the future – so watch this space and let us have your comments.

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