Public Meetings

The next meeting for Dunbar in Bloom will be held on Wednesday 1st February 19:15 at the Royal Macintosh Hotel.   It will be an open public meeting for any interested people, or groups, to attend and voice their ideas about the way forward.

Below is the draft constitution we plan to adopt at the next public meeting on Wednesday 16th  March in Hallhill Healthy living centre at 7.30pm.

Please post any comments or suggestions about the constitution and come along to the meeting on 16th if you would like to become involved.


1. Name:
The name of the Association shall be Dunbar in Bloom.

2. Objects:

    1. to improve the appearance and environment of the Town of Dunbar and surrounding areas.
    2. to encourage home owners, shopkeepers and other business people to keep their premises tidy and attractive.
    3. to promote sponsorship and seek funding for approved projects
    4. to co-ordinate the efforts of different groups within Dunbar
    5. to encourage youth and volunteer participation
    6. to liase with East Lothian Council

3. Membership:
Membership of the Association will be open to all residents of the Town of Dunbar and surrounding areas and any persons with an interest in the same area.

4. Management:

a. The Management of the Association will be governed by a Committee of not more than 10 and will have the power to co-opt additional members as required.

b. There will be, elected, a Convener, Vice-Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and such other officers as it may be deemed necessary from among its members.

c. Office-bearers will be elected, annually at the Annual General Meeting to be held in June of each year.

d. Members of the Committee may be re-elected for a further term of office, however, the Convener may not hold office for more than two consecutive years.

e. A quorum at a Management Committee meeting will be 50% of the total elected and co-opted members, as existing at the time of the meeting.

f. The Management Committee will meet as often as necessary.

g. The Honorary Treasurer will keep proper Accounts of the Association and operate funds lodged with the bank or building society of their choice. The Treasurer will be authorised to sign cheques and other documents together with any one of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson or Secretary.

h. An Annual Statement of Accounts will be prepared and audited by an independent auditor, elected at the Annual General Meeting. These Accounts will be submitted to all members of the Association for approval and made accessible via the Dunbar in bloom website.

i. The financial year will run between the 1st April and 31st March of each year.

j. The Secretary will send out notices convening the Annual General Meeting together with the audited accounts and nominations for Office Bearers and Committee at least 14 days before the date decided for the Annual General Meeting.

k. In the event that a request for an Extraordinary General Meeting is made in writing by no less than 50% of members, the Secretary shall, call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association at which a quorum will be 50% of members.

5. Property:
The title to all heritable property which may be acquired by or for the purposes of the Association shall be taken and shall thereafter stand in the name of the Chairman and Secretary as Trustees (ex officio) for the Association and shall be held by them and their successors for the purpose of the Association as determined by this Constitution. The property will be shown as an asset in the Balance Sheet.

6. Dissolution:
In the event of the Association becoming dissolved, an Extraordinary General Meeting will be convened. If such a decision is confirmed, the Committee shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of the Association. The assets or proceeds from the sale of the assets, if applicable, shall be donated to charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Town of Dunbar and surrounding areas.

7. Alteration to the Constitution:
Any proposal to alter the constitution must be delivered in writing to the Secretary of the Management Committee not less than 14 days prior to the date of either, the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. Any such proposal will require the approval of a two-thirds majority of the attending members at that meeting.

8. Adoption of Constitution
This constitution was adopted at a Special General Meeting of the Association on the xxxxxxxx.